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01 January 2015 @ 01:00 pm
How's My Driving?

Any comments, questions or suggestions?

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20 April 2011 @ 10:29 am
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Thank you.
[The communicator buzzes to life with an audible zap, causing the girl sitting nearby to cringe before even touching it. -- She's had enough of pain, thank you very much.

Seeing that the video recording is on, Nill gives the camera a hesitant look before returning to work on the letter she was about to start writing. Putting her arm down next to it in such a way that no one can see what is being written down.]

Private to Maria Auditore; A letter (WIP / 50-100% Unhackable)Collapse )

[After a bit of pencil scratching, she stops and turns to look out at something off-camera. Then she pushes herself up, causing the paper on the coffee table to flutter at the corner.

A few minutes later, she comes back with a candle lamp and sets it down on the table. It gives off a small, flickering light through the slightly transparent shade. It was starting to get a little dark.

Nill looks at it for a few good seconds, seeming more relaxed than before, and returns to her letter writing.]
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04 February 2011 @ 09:33 pm
Private to Maria Auditore; A sealed letter (50-100% Unhackable)Collapse )

can someone working in the hospital please deliver a letter for me?

[...] i'm almost out of paper

[[ooc If anyone working at the hospital is willing to deliver a letter to Gohl, then please tag here. The deliverer can read the letter if they're curious, but it's mostly supposed to be a private affair. -- Also, visitors are welcome!]]
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14 January 2011 @ 08:37 pm
[The communicator tunes in first to the sound of a static noise, right before the whole thing clatters roughly onto the asphalt with a skid. Then--]


[A body is thrown roughly against the concrete wall of one of a nearby building with great force, causing its owner lets out a strangled cry of pain that can only be described as broken--less of a scream and more of a surprised gasp of breath. It only takes a few seconds for it to fall to the ground in a heap, with another gasp of air mixed with a wet cough.

The growl of the approaching Angel is the only thing that gives a hint of what is going on, hungry for prey. Along with the sound of fingers desperately scraping against the ground.]

Help... Help me!]

[[ooc Nill has been attacked by the Angel on the prowl, and a special guest will be coming to her rescue. However, comment logs with doctors/hospital personnel and other replies are a-ok.]]
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13 December 2010 @ 10:03 pm
It is really cold outside. The inside of the church is the same, and so I don't think that it would be a good idea for anyone to stay here for too long.

I'm sorry.

Sakutaro, maybe there is somewhere else that the dolls can stay for awhile. I was able to finish fixing some of them, but I'm not sure if I want to return them to the nursery when it is like this. Do you know where else I can take them?

[...] Does anyone know where [There is a pause.] Miss Sforza is too? She used to come here, but I haven't seen her lately.

I hope she's okay... and Eald'na-- [Suddenly, one of the energy balls from the Resistance Impulse strikes the side of a church with a loud slam, shaking the building at its foundation and causing snow from the roof outside to fall with a loud WHUMP, bringing some frozen tiles down along with it.] lsjdl;|

[The communicator falls to the floor with an audible crack. Along with Nill, who has quickly scrambled beneath one of the pews like a timid church mouse.]
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[The door to room 305 creaks open just a little bit on old hinges, with Nill peeking out into the hallway through the opening.

She vaguely remembers the last time there were this many people, and... her hope is to find some familiar faces in the crowd.
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[The communicator is turned on, with the video feed tuning in with a short snowy static. It is currently sitting on the floor, with Nill standing a short distance off to the side. There was something that she wanted to show everyone.

It is rather dark and shadowy for a late autumn afternoon, and the soft pattering of falling raindrops can be heard coming from the sanctuary within this short hallway.

In front of the winged girl, there is an old wooden door that is sitting crookedly against the frame. A muddy footprint from an army boot can clearly be seen on it. The door must have been broken open when one of the Hollisland soldiers tried to force their way into the room, thinking that there might be someone hiding there.

Stepping cautiously forward toward the door, Nill reaches out and carefully tries to pull the door open. It opens awkwardly with a creak of old hinges, and the bottom of the door scrapes noisily against the floor--causing the mute girl to let out a startled noise at the first loud squeak, revealing a room full of dust and dirt, cobwebs, peeling wallpaper with childish designs on it, old carpeting, toys, cubby holes, tables and chairs, a splintered wooden crib and more.

Standing still in the middle of the doorway for awhile, Nill can be seen turning her head from side to side, gazing at the room and obviously sounding pretty impressed by it. Then she hurries back to pick up the communicator in her hands, taking it back with her in short jog to the room.

Discedo is presented with a shaky view of the old nursery of St. Peter's Church.
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13 October 2010 @ 05:27 pm
[There isn't much else that a girl like Nill can say or do in this kind of situation, as long as the people are determined to do what it right in their hearts.

Even if the people of Discedo and Hollisland may get hurt, or die... all she can do is hope for the best.

Be careful.

[No matter what you choose to do.]
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17 September 2010 @ 08:12 pm
[The communicator is set down gently on top of the flat surface, open and recording via audio by default. Preparing to switch it over to text, Nill's motions stop suddenly, and her feet can be heard scuttling across the floor.

Drip. The soft patter of raindrops against the window panes can be heard in the background, adding to the transmission noise.

Drip. But a few raindrops are more audible, as if they're falling into a shallow pool or onto a nearby piece of old wood. Both, would actually be more accurate; the rain is leaking and dripping down into the sanctuary, onto the floor and old pews alike, through the broken portions of the stained glass windows and the cracked wood in the ceiling.

It's not a complete disaster. Just a soggy and dripping mess with the steady rainfall. - The price you pay for old age and incomplete repairs over the years.

An empty bucket is set down onto the old floor with a clatter, and the poor girl can be heard letting out a sigh just before the recording times out.

[[ooc Due to the cleanup effort, it is likely that some of Nill's replies will be coming with a delay ICly. Also, she has no idea where that pile of stolen communicators came from.]]
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