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Walking down the streets, looking for angels

Everyone I meet, looking for angels


· Age: 14 15 16
· Gender: Female
· Race: Genetically Modified Life Form
· Height: 5'2"
· Weight: 107 lbs.
· Eye Color: Blue
· Hair Color: Blond

· Date of Birth: N/A
(Currently sharing a birth date of August 1st with Ness. A former resident of Discedo.)
· Date of Arrival: June 2, 2008
· Current Residence: Horton Lane Apartments, Room 305

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· History
Nill is a relic from the past, from the days when genetic manipulation was still unrestricted. She is a descendant of one of those experiments–a thing created to fulfill someone else's desire. In the world of Dogs, man's follies of the past left their share of scars on the world–many which continue to ache to this day. Unrestricted genetic engineering and the climate disasters are only a few of them, burdening children like Nill with the responsibility of being different. These children have horns, animal ears or faces and other distinctive features of that nature, and the municipal government does not do anything to help them. They are left to be mistreated or seen as a sideshow attraction by the greater public. That was how Nill’s story began, running way in order to avoid being captured and sold into illicit services like prostitution. Her life was changed the day that a young man named Heine Rammsteiner saved her from a pair of men working for Melvin Scrooge–the owner of a prostitution ring, and brought her to an acquaintance of his, Bishop, so that she could find some sanctuary within an old church.

· Special Features/Abilities
Nill has a pair of small white wings attached to her back, marking her identity as an artificial life form. However, she lacks any ability to use them for flight. Although she possesses the ability to manipulate their movements. She is able to stretch them out, or cause them to stand up on their own when she is very angry. Because of her unusual nature, she lacks the ability to speak. A voice was never something that was given to her. This is due to the fact that in order to create something better than normal people, artificial limits are intentionally created by scientists for the "lost children" fetish mutants. In order to gain her wings, Nill's voice was taken away. Still, Nill is a clever girl who finds other ways to communicate with others. She is adept at using whatever means are given her in order to help people understand her better, whether it’s through gestures, spelling out her words on other people’s hands by tracing the shapes of letters with her fingertip, or using a memo pad to write her thoughts down.

Otherwise, Nill doesn’t have any known talents to speak of, but she does try to practice sewing in order to help patch up Heine’s constantly bullet-ridden clothes. Unfortunately, she is very bad at it, but slowly improve. A fast runner, she prefers to avoid combat rather than running headfirst into it like her acquaintances. Nevertheless, she will not hesitate to try to help her friends using her own strength when given the chance.


In spite of her hardships, Nill is still a young and caring girl who tries to look out for those whom she cares deeply about. She shares a deep friendship with Heine, who—in spite of being gynophobic—is not afraid of her whatsoever and possibly saved her from a worse fate. But he is also like a wounded animal sometimes, and that makes Nill worry about him often. Her other relations are Badou Nails, Heine’s best friend and a chain smoker, Naoto Fuyumine, a serious and dangerous sword-user and Bishop, her guardian within the church.

Player Info

· Name: Sarisa
· Journal: aquamarine
· AIM: Sarisa Senshi
· Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

This is a character journal for Nill as played by aquamarine at discedo.

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